The current educational culture at the WDKA is a combination of online and offline classes, on theory and practice, which come along with their own challenges. To jump into these challenges, a research group was created to research the needs around the current learning environment at the WDKA.
Our vision is that education is an ongoing process of adaptations and changes, whether it is a curriculum or a didactic approach, change leads to being prepared for future practices and/or developments.
At the WDKA, there are multiple forms of education, ranging from languages to different woodworking tools, which all have their specific characteristics and needs: hence, our vision is to minister these needs and utilize them for the improvement of the learning environment at our academy.


Our mission is to analyze, define, improve ,implement transform the current and future learning modes and environments at the WDKA addressing the different approaches within Art Education.
As a first step , we have engaged in a participatory action research approach, where everyone’s input is welcomed and accounted. Each individual in our community can contribute to this. We want to create spaces and opportunities where students feel included, supported and empowered to become creative pioneers. Also that students can co-work together with tutors in our academy to support the ongoing updates on Blended Learning


Thinking ahead towards the future what do we expect to achieve?
The WDKA Blended Learning Team aims to provide ongoing support to teachers and students in the transition to flexible and inclusive Hybrid learning environments. We are also keeping up with the recent updates in education and the delivery method of classes both online and onsite. We are paying special attention on the integration of platforms and tools to establish and define channels of communication at WDKA.
It is our intention to offer access to a wide range of platforms and options for both our students and tutors; platforms with training, courses and certifications that offers unlimited opportunities for all