In this section , we shared a group of strategies and teaching tools to motivate learners and keep them engaged throughtout the lessons and other spaces. These strategies and tools are proposed by students at WDKA based on their own class experiences, lessons dynamics, atmophere and social environment in the class. It also includes a digital tool exploration that that each of our research group students have made themselves. It also includes a SEL ( Social and Emotional Learning Component )


Teaching and learning online, onsite or in combined Blended learning formats can be challenging; especially in the global health circumstances that the world has been facing these past two years 2020 and 2021. However, tutors and students can turn this view around and co-work together to transform this into a positive learning experience where everyone is engaged and assuming a role, sharing their own input , collaborating and most importantly everyone is being an active participant.

In this section , We are sharing five (5) engagement tactics and tools that can make a huge difference to boosting a learner’s enthusiasm for new knowledge and skills.

Art Education has the particularity to make online teaching even more practical and physical just by letting students assume roles and responsibilities in their creative and construction process.

  1. Set clear learning goals. Learners perform better when they know what exactly is expected of them.
  2. Make learning convenient. Convenience is no longer just a nice-to-have. Today, keeping learners engaged and motivated is a necessity. A quality LMS (Learning Management System) is one of the most important tools for creating courses that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.Choose an LMS that provides access to learning material on mobile devices, both online and offline.
  3. Get creative with course content. Combine creative learning material with microlearning principles. Content formats that keep learners coming back for more.
  4. Reward learners for engagement. Leaderboards, badges, and certificates are simple but effective ways to incorporate reward cycles into learning experiences. One learner engagement tactic is to offer a badge for each activity or piece of content completed. Another is to use a leaderboard to showcase high achievers.
  5. Create open communication channels. Many of the common barriers to learning can be resolved with improved communication. Design courses so that open communication channels are prioritized from the start and make sure that learners understand how to use them. Design these channels to allow feedback and opinions to be shared and make clear that each opinion is valued and heard.


What is Badging in 2021 ?

A digital badge is a representation of your skills and accomplishments. On the surface, a badge just seems to be a pretty picture. Beneath the surface, a badge is much more complex. What makes a digital badge unique is the data packed inside. Each badge is made up of its image, the earner’s personal information and the evidence the badge represents. This combination ensures that each badge is unique and a true picture of your accomplishment. Digital badges allow learners to demonstrate progress towards becoming a lifelong learner.

Edubadges: Issuing Digital Certificates To Students

Edubadges is the digital certificates platform for the Dutch education community. edubadges enable you to award students or workers with evidence of knowledge and skills they have acquired. An edubadge is issued electronically within a secure and trusted SURF platform.

Edubadges enable you to award students or workers evidence of their achievements. An edubadge is an electronic certificate that provides detailed information on the content of the learning outcomes achieved. Students collect edubadges in their edubadges backpack and can share an edubadge with employers or other educational institutions



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Why Edubadge is a unique National Approach as of Today 2021